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How To Get On The Radio

We’re Looking For Musicians, Bands & Comics With Original Material


My name is Steve, CEO & Founder of Business PowerNet, BPN Radio Network and  I want to put your music and/or material on our online radio station: Booze & Tunes which can be heard currently on our website and the Tunein Radio App.

Booze & Tunes is currently being heard through out the world (according to our monthly stats) and our goal is to get YOU heard.  We will provide links to your site or social media page from this site which may give you the opportunity to earn an income from your material.

All music or material must be original and each participant band, group, musician or comic needs to sign a Non Copy Right agreement.  We do not charge monitary funds in most cases for our services, however if you choose to help us GROW our radio station, then we’ll help you with your music. 

We have created a few levels of interests or effort for the people who would like to get their material played more often.  This is a team effort and our goal is to promote your material.  Using the form below, please include your name, contact number, website if any and the best time to speak with you.


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