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The Real Mary Jane Love
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My Name is Mary Jane Love, I live in Sacramento California. Ive been singing since I was 5 years old. I sang in church choirs in concord, Talent Show's etc. when I was young I always look up to Whitney Houston,
Antia Baker, Sade, Diana Ross etc , they taught me how to be bold and kind and Beauiful Hearted in and out. My Grandma was a vary Sweet Lady and taught me alot of things about singing, Cooking and also Gardening.

She alway taught me to never give up on my singing, she told me that to sing right and you will never fail practice makes perfect.Growning up I would sing everything like Rihanna,Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and also Gospel Yolanda Adam, This was in the 95-till the 2000.When sing it sets me free from pain and Reality.

I can See myself in a Year With a Album done and reach my goals , and be more sucessful.I love all My Fanz The Real Mary Jane love #butterflies